16th Annual Distaff Day

Saturday, January 4, 2020
10 am – 5 pm

Clarion Inn & Suites International Airport, 3855 McCoy Road, Orlando, FL 32812

Join us for a day of fun, fellowship, and all things fiber.

What IS Distaff Day?

A day long event celebrating the fiber arts. Spinners, knitters, crocheters, weavers, and all other fiber art lovers come together for a day of fun and fellowship. Whatever your favorite fiber art, this event is for you!

Bring along your project bag and spend the day with like-minded people. You will have plenty of time to socialize and discuss methods, techniques, ask questions, relax, and most importantly, have fun!

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The Warmies Project

The Warmies Project will be joining us for the seventh year! The Warmies Project is organized by BE Orlando.  They collect handmade items to distribute when it gets cold.  BE Orlando distributes the handmade items to homeless shelters, hospices, hospitals, domestic violence shelters and more.

In addition to the handmade items, BE Orlando is also happy to accept any donations of non-perishable foods, which will go to the Coalition for the Homeless.  Any leftovers from the Orlando Distaff Day Potluck will also go directly to the Coalition, so if you “happen” to make twice as many cookies as we need for the event, they will still find a great home!

In 2019, Orlando Distaff Day attendees donated 247 handmade items (almost double the number of items donated in 2018) and more than 50 items of donated food.  Perhaps we can beat that total in 2020!

Craft up something from the heart to share with those less fortunate.  Bring some non-perishable food.  Visit The Warmies Project website for pictures of all the items donated by Orlando Distaff Day attendees over the last six years!

Raffle Baskets

This year, we have three raffle baskets — one knitting / crochet and two spinning. Each basket has an estimated retail value in excess of $200.

Raffle tickets are $1 each or a pack of six for $5.

Please note that the contents of this year’s spinning baskets came from the estate of a local fiber artist who passed away a couple years ago. She kept open boxes of moth balls in her fiber room and closets, so the fiber does retain some of that odor.

None of the yarn in the knitting / crochet basket came from the estate and none of the yarn smells of mothballs.

Knitting / Crochet Basket
Knitting / Crochet Basket
Spinning Basket 1
Spinning Basket 1
Spinning Basket 2
Spinning Basket 2


Casual Fashion Queen

Four Purls Yarn Shop

Gilda’s Ball of Yarn

MM Waite

Olive & Two Ewe

Pioneer Fiber Mill

Anne Robinson

Shady Hill Rug Hooking

String Theory Colorworks

Twin Mommy Creations


Throughout the day, we offer demonstrations of various fiber techniques. These demonstrations are short, usually about 15 minutes, and are included in your admission. This year, we are offering demonstrations on needle felting, spindle spinning, carding, and more to be determined. Weavers of Orlando will have their demo floor loom onsite all day and you are welcome to weave on it!

The pictures below are a sampling of demonstrations from 2019.

Suspended Spindle

Karlissa Keller

Floor Loom Weaving

Bev Tavel of Weavers of Orlando (left)

Machine Knitting

Shellee Stewart (left)

And So Much More

* Gift Swap

* Orange County Public Library Fiber Arts Information Available

* Florida Tropical Weavers Guild Information Available

* Show and Tell

* Free Table

* Door Prizes

* Potluck Snacks

* Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa

* Time with Friends