What to Bring

Please note that everything on this list is 100% optional and not required to attend the event.  Just bring your lovely self!

Your fiber project(s)

Knitting bag, spinning wheel, beading, crochet, weaving, embroidery etc (or anything you  have put away that you want to work on)

Handcrafted items to Donate

One or more hand crafted items to be donated to Project Warmies. Scarves, hats, shawls, blankets and other warmies to help those less fortunate battle the cold winter.  Non-Perishable food items will also be gratefully accepted and will go directly to the Coalition for the Homeless.

Beverages, Lunch Money or Bag Lunch

Coffee and Tea will be provided.  Bring a cup.  If you prefer something cold, you should pack a beverage or two to have with you. For lunch you may either bring your own bagged lunch or buy it offsite.   We are encouraging attendees to bring a “Pot Luck Finger Food” dish to pass.  No casseroles please, but something like a veggie plate, cheese plate, snacks and desserts.  Our new venue for 2018 is a hotel ballroom.  This means that we do not have access to a refrigerator at any point during the event.  Please keep this in mind when deciding what to bring for food.

Items for the “Free Table” (optional)

Time to purge yourself of supplies you know you will never use! Not limited to craft supplies — bring anything you think would be relevant to the group. (i.e. yarn, roving, cookbooks, craft magazines, half finished projects, fabric) It’s amazing what you’ll find when you start looking around!

Items for the “Garage Sale Table” (optional)

We have a Garage Sale Table where you may sell things you no longer need or want.  Finished items welcome too.  Please attach a price and your name on the item so people can find you to buy it! Not everyone knows each other, so be sure to wear your nametag! (provided)

Please note we will provide a total of two 8-foot tables for this purpose and all garage sale items brought by all attendees must be placed on these two tables.  The intent is for each person to have the opportunity to sell a few items.  This is not an opportunity to set up as a vendor and we do not offer space for you to set up your own table.  We have limited space for vendors and all vending arrangements must be made in advance.  Please click here for information on vending at Distaff Day.

Item(s) for Show & Tell

Bring an item you made this year to share with everyone.  You will be able to model your item (or hold it up) while a hostess/announcer introduces you and describes your item.  When you arrive, you may fill out a card describing your item.  When the show begins the emcee will go around to each person in the circle and ask for their card and read it off while you show off your talent!  If you would like to save time, you may print out the questionnaire here, fill it out, and bring it with you.  Multiple items are welcome, but please no more than three so that we may keep this portion of the event a reasonable amount of time.

Gift Swap Item (optional)

Bring a NEW gift item for a fiber lover that has a value of approximately $20 and wrapped as a gift or put it into a gift bag.  Please include YOUR name inside the gift so that the recipient can give you credit.  This should be an item(s) that you yourself would be thrilled to receive! Please do not give used items, this is meant to be a gift exchange.  Anyone who brings a gift will also receive one.  It will be an anonymous swap involving a game of some sort.  Gifts will be opened in front of everyone so that everyone can see all the goodies everyone else got!   Swapping afterwards is optional!

Camera, laptop, photo album, business cards

Things like this that you may wish you had when meeting new people.


You’ll want cash for raffle tickets, vendors, and garage sale items.