Support Orlando Distaff Day

Orlando Distaff Day is a 501(c)3 organization. Our objectives include:

Encouraging cooperation and communication among fiber groups in Central Florida;

Promoting education in the fiber arts; and

Planning, organizing, and conducting fiber events.

Our primary annual event takes place in early January each year. While we do charge admission for that event, the admission fees cover less than half the costs of running the event. For the remaining costs, we rely on donations, which include in-kind donations of fiber arts tools and materials that we raffle during the annual event, as well as monetary donations.

If you’d like to help support Orlando Distaff Day, here’s some ways you can do so.

Donations of Cash

Donation Form (#32)

Donations of Fiber Materials and Tools

Orlando Distaff Day accepts donations of yarn, fiber, fleece, and related tools or equipment. These items are generally distributed as door prizes, inclusion in a raffle, or by outright sale.

In early 2020, just a few weeks before the pandemic started, we received a donation of a 22″ weaving width, 4-harness, 6-treadle Harrisville loom. The loom is in usable condition, including its original leather cords, which are in good condition. The loom comes with a warping board, spool stand with spools, and a copy of Deborah Chandler’s Learning to Weave. It is currently located at the Longwood, FL home of our Guild President. If you’d like more information, or to make an offer for purchase, please complete our Contact Form.

If you have yarn, fiber, fleece, or related tools or equipment that you’d like to donate to Orlando Distaff Day, please complete our Contact Form and let us know!

Volunteer with Orlando Distaff Day

We currently have an opening for on our Board of Directors. We are always in need of hands to help on the days of our event. Perhaps you have skills that you’d like to put to use to help Orlando Distaff Day, but you don’t know how or what we need. Fill out our Contact Form and let us know that you’d like to volunteer!

Disney VoluntEARS Program

If you are a Disney Cast member, you can log your VoluntEAR hours to any 501(c)3 and turn those VoluntEAR hours into a cash donation for the approved 501(c)3 of your choice! The 501(c)3 must be reviewed and approved by the VoluntEAR program, and Orlando Distaff Day has been.

How to Participate

  1. Go to the Hub
  2. Under Hub Tools, choose Disney VoluntEARS
  3. Go to the Volunteering tab to see Volunteer Opportunities or Log Volunteer Hours

Under Volunteer Opportunities, you can see places in need of your time. Under Log Volunteer Hours, you can log the hours that you personally have volunteered (you can not log hours volunteered by others). You can log your hours to a variety of organizations, including Orlando Distaff Day.

In any given year, you can Redeem Volunteer Hours as a cash grant from Disney directly to the approved organization of your choice. The grants vary in amount depending on the number of hours you have volunteered. The lowest grant is available at 10 hours of volunteer time and the highest grant is available at 200 hours of volunteer time. Donations can be made throughout the year as hours are logged.

How Orlando Distaff Day Receives the Grant Money

As part of the process of becoming an approved organization, Orlando Distaff Day provided the Disney VoluntEARS with our mailing address. On a quarterly basis, Disney issues checks for the grants redeemed by Cast Members, and mails them to us.

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